The Successful Mindset: How To NOT Give Up After A Setback SKU: 129519

Nothing just happens. In "The Success Mindset" eBook, I share how to not give up when your world is crumbling. Even while going through a tough time, you can train your mind to think successfully. It’s a skill set that must be developed.




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Nothing just happens. In "The Success Mindset" eBook, I share 7 ways to get everything you want in business and life. Even while going through a tough time, you can train your mind to think successfully. It’s a skill set that must be developed.

In the book, I share my story of going from a small town Louisiana girl, to becoming a key player in the media industry. Since launching my online magazine (, I've interviewed celebs like Jada Pinkett Smith, Steve Harvey, Meagan Good and countless others. I've covered private screenings in conjunction with Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, BET, TVOne, WEtv and other networks. 

My degree isn't in communications and I didn't have anyone to show me the way or "hook me up" with industry connections. I made it because of faith, hard work, and the right mindset. 

Even while my personal life wasn’t going as planned, I was resilient enough to still pursue my dreams. It wasn't easy, but I knew I was destined for more. I refused to let the pain of my current situation, cause me to cancel what I know God put me on earth to do.

The jewels I share in “The Success Mindset” relate to business, self-love, relationships, wealth, and personal development. It takes a certain mindset to move forward when your world is falling apart.

  • Has comparing yourself to others paralyzed your self-esteem?
  • Is it difficult for you to regain confidence after setbacks? 
  • Does hearing "no" or "you're not good enough" make you want to rip up your vision board?
  • Do you lack the confidence to start over?
  • Are you struggling to get over disappointment and hurt? 
  • Do you want more for your life but don’t know how to get there? 
  • Do you talk yourself out of (or let others talk you out of) dreaming big?
  • Are you tired of playing and thinking small?

If you answered YES to any of these, you needThe Success Mindset” ebook!

When you have big goals, you can't wait for someone to put you on. And you can't wait for the stage. You have to KNOW what you're worth, ask for it, and keep growing.  Use The Success Mindset” as a guide to get you where you belong and dominate in your industry.


“I’ve had Kim on my show several times. The thing I like most about her is that she walks in integrity. She represents the Kingdom all while going into uncommon places. A lot of celebrities know her and she influences the influential.”

Willie Moore, Jr. 
Radio One – The Willie Moore, Jr. Show

"Kim is a leader in the industry and I've followed her work for a long time. She's definitely a game changer!"

DJ Dex of Kirk Franklin's PRAISE
Sirius XM


Sanaa Lathan, Kim Ford and Michael Ealy at a press dinner for Sony Pictures.


DJ Dex (Sirius XM), Kim Ford, and Willie Moore, Jr. (Radio One) at the 'Preachers of Atlanta' private screening
for the Oxygen network.


 Kim Ford interviewing Jordin Sparks at SoSo Def studio.