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This 45 minute phone session will help get you on the right track.


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This 45 minute phone session is perfect for the entrepreneur who has lots of ideas but unclear of where to start.

Or the person who needs help with personal development (confidence, moving past setbacks, fear, etc.) 

Or if there's something you've seen me do in my career that's similiar to your career goals and you want me to help talk you through it, I'm here. 

I'll answer your questions and get you on the right track. 

Here's what a few clients had to say:

"Before my talk with Kim, I was ready to drop out of college my senior year. After we spoke, I realized the value of finishing. I'm graduating this May!" - Alex Smith

"Whether you work in music, engineering, or ministry, the information Kim Ford shared is very helpful and practical. I recommend speaking and working with her if you would like to increase your brand." - Minister Brandon J. Howard